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Best Ways to Get New Listings Updates

When you’re in the process of searching for a home, it’s not uncommon to feel the pressure of finding the perfect place in as timely a manner as possible. Today, we’ll be discussing the best way to conduct your search.
Let it be said: it’s a pretty great time to be selling a home in Kitchener-Waterloo. As you can see throughout our recent Monthly Market Reports (WRX Monthly Market Report), there are several common features over the past several months.
Homes are selling quite quickly: from the moment a home enters the market, the seller can typically expect an average of just two to three weeks before sale. This is driven in large part by the overall shortage of listings in Kitchener-Waterloo – demand is high, and although there are plenty of new homes entering the market every month, it’s still not quite enough to fully meet the demand.
As such, it’s become fairly normal for homes to receive multiple bids (especially in popular area like the Laurelwood neighbourhood in Waterloo), and for homes that are listed at neighbourhood-appropriate prices to sell for over the asking price.
That’s the situation, as it stands, but with the right strategies, you can still stand to get the most out of this market as a buyer. Let’s take a look at the ways WRX Property Group can help you, as a buyer, to navigate the waters of the Kitchener-Waterloo real estate market – and how you can help yourself.

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Know Where to Look, and How to Look

Real estate listings in Kitchener-Waterloo utilize the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), Canada’s primary real estate system. Accredited Realtors can post properties for sale on behalf of their clients to their local MLS system (the Kitchener-Waterloo Association of Realtors operates the local MLS system).
The vast majority of transactions are completed through MLS – Canada-wide, the number is around 90%. WRX Property Group gets the latest updates from MLS the second they’re available. By using our website, you can make sure you know what’s available, as soon as it’s available on the MLS.
There are several helpful ways to keep your eye on listings. If you know in which neighbourhoods you’d be interested in purchasing property, you can check out Homes for Sale by Neighbourhood in Kitchener-Waterloo.
If you’re still not sure which neighbourhoods might be a good fit for you, you can also read a detailed analysis of each one while you’re there. If you have a family, or you’re planning to have one, you can also check out Homes for Sale by High School District (as with the neighbourhoods, you can also read up about each high school, to determine which ones you like most).
If there are certain characteristics you’re specifically interested in, you can also narrow down your search by browsing our listings under categories like Houses with a Pool and Houses with a View. Finally, be sure to check out our Search page: from here, you can select exactly what criteria your dream home must fit (including minimum and maximum price, number of beds, and property type).
You can also make use of our Interactive Map Search; simply click on the map to create a polygon, and you’ll be shown all of the listings within that shape. The Interactive Map Search is great if your area of preference doesn’t conform to the shape of any particular neighbourhood.


How We Can Help You Thrive in a Competitive Market

Kitchener-Waterloo is a competitive market, it’s a growing market, and it’s an increasingly attractive market (to both foreign investment and large numbers of investors from the Greater Toronto Area [GTA]). These factors combine to create the unique circumstances of this time and area.
Kitchener-Waterloo, Cambridge, and Guelph are all undergoing similar (though not identical) trends when it comes to real estate, and we’re ready to work for you to get the best experience. This is a highly competitive market, yes, but it’s the market that WRX Property Group has been operating in since our inception.
We know what it takes to find the best properties, and how to go about ensuring your needs our met. An important thing to emphasize is that we sometimes get listings up to 24 hours before they appear on the MLS.
Bearing in mind the competitive nature of the market, and that the bulk of transactions are completed through MLS, this can be instrumental in your finding the property of your dreams. Our team of Realtors works full-time, and each of our clients will have a personally-responsible Realtor to ensure that no opportunity is missed.
The best way to get started is, of course, to contact us. We can’t help you out if we don’t know what you’re looking for! The two best ways are to call us, or to email us.


Call Us

If you’re looking to buy a property (or land) in Kitchener-Waterloo, Cambridge, or Guelph, please don’t hesitate to call us! Tell us what you’re looking for – specific things you need, preferences, price ranges, locations – and we’ll get to work immediately.
Because WRX Property Group has a team of full-time Realtors, we are equipped and determined to keep our eye on the market around the clock. So by calling us, we will first discuss your specific expectations.
After this, we won’t stop searching until we’ve found the perfect place for you; no matter how long it takes, or how many properties we look at.

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    Email Us

    We have the real estate expertise, and the familiarity with the local market, to help you in your search. Tell us what you’re looking for: armed with a list of your requirements, we’ll set to work sifting through the current listings, and monitoring all future listings until the perfect property pops up.
    As soon as it does, we will always let you know right away. Again, WRX Property Group’s Realtors are full-time, and willing to work round the clock to ensure the best possible outcome for our clients.
    If email is your preference, we also offer an automated notification, which will identify properties and notify you – sometimes up to 24 hours before they appear on the MLS.



    Homes are selling fast in Kitchener-Waterloo, but WRX Property Group is ready to work for you. Great customer service is one of our core values, and we’d love to help you out on your real estate journey.
    Written by Will Kummer