A Knowledgeable and Effective Team

WRX Property Group is a professional Kitchener-Waterloo-based realty team, part of the Cloud Realty Inc. Brokerage, serving all of Waterloo Region and Wellington County. We are experienced and confident in navigating the world of real estate, and we are distinctly familiar with the local market.

We have a team of full-time realtors, and we offer a full range of services. We believe that you deserve more than just a sign on your lawn, and your home posted to the local MLS board. We are in 2019, not 1998. Marketing your home should be more than just putting up a sign and hosting an Open House.

We are proactive agents, not passive ones who just wait for the phone to ring, and we know that in today’s market in order to get the top value for your home we need to have an aggressive marketing plan.

Our Objectives When Working for You

  1. Market your home to as many qualified buyers as possible, and get as many potential buyers through your home as possible. 97% of buyers search for homes online and our marketing gets your home in front of the right buyers and highly increases your chances of selling.
  2. Pick the right price and help you negotiate the highest possible offer for your home. Pricing your home right is key to getting the most out of your sale. Price it too high and no one will come by, price it too low and you’re leaving money on the table. Price it just right and your home will sell fast and you will maximize your dollar value.
  3. Communicate on a regular basis. The number one complaint clients have about their realtors is a lack of communication once the home is listed. We will communicate with you on a regular basis.

Our Track Record

WRX Property Group completed 49 transactions in Kitchener-Waterloo in 2019. According to the Kitchener-Waterloo Association of Realtors, there are approximately 1300 realtors in the region, and approximately 7000 residential properties sell per year.

This means the average realtor completes 5.4 transactions per year, putting us well ahead of the curve. Beyond past sales, WRX Property Group also offers a host of services designed to make the process of selling your home as smooth as possible (and with the best ultimate outcome).

Camille Copas AvatarCamille Copas

We had a fantastic experience working with Mario from WRX Property Group. We worked together for several months looking for a new home. Mario is very knowledgeable about KW real estate and takes the time to get to know what his clients are looking for. He customized the search for us and would flag listings of interest right away. The guidance he provided during the offer period was extremely valuable and never pushy. Mario went above and beyond to help us get the home we wanted, would absolutely recommend! - 5/27/2019 

Drazen Pantic AvatarDrazen Pantic

Great customer service and around the clock support. George was super easy to work with and made it extremely easy for us when buying our home. Highly recommend 🙂 - 3/26/2019 

Stef Anna AvatarStef Anna

Gr4eat individuals whom will help you find the right house of your needs, they are also not as pushy as most realtors and I enjoyed working with them! Would definitely recommend. - 4/02/2019 

Emmanuel Mapayi AvatarEmmanuel Mapayi

We can't speak highly enough of our experience with Mario. He is a definition of an awesome realtor. We were so fortunate to have found WRX Property Group when we wanted to buy our home. Mario as our Realtor, helped us find the right house in the right neighborhood for the right price. He was patient as we had over 30 viewings spanning several weeks and cautioned us about making unreasonable offers when we fell too quickly for overpriced homes. I look forward to the opportunity to work with Mario and his team again. - 10/10/2019 

To find out more about how we achieve our objectives and how we can help you sell your home for the most money with the least hassle please schedule a free consultation with one of our market specialists below.

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    Effective Services for Sellers

    Selling your home is an important undertaking, and it is an involved process with many considerations to be aware of. WRX Property Group offers a range of services designed to make the process of selling your home smooth and as easy for you as possible, and to ensure you get the best value in the shortest timeframe. Here is how we do it:

    Extensive Market Presence

    Number of Website Visitors in 2018.

    We have an extensive market presence, both in the Waterloo Region and surrounding areas, and in the increasingly vital world of online real estate listings. We are committed to maintaining and developing our already quite strong online presence. In search engine results, we are consistently ranked highly, and there is an upward trend in our prioritization. Currently we rank at the top of the page for 70% of Kitchener-Waterloo home searches, our next competitor is sitting at 25%.

    In social media, as well, we strive to stand out from the rest; we truly believe in providing the whole package for our sellers. Our Facebook advertisements are specifically targeted to those individuals who are likely to move. Our For Sale ads are viewed up to 15,000 times. The online exposure gives us a big leg up when marketing your home.

    In 2018.
    In 2018.

    Initiatives like our blog help to sustain interest in our website over a prolonged period of time, and it increases the amount of traffic our website generates. Increased traffic means more potential buyers for our clients, which is our top priority. We believe in mutually beneficial transactions, and attracting the right kind of buyer is key to ensuring a positive outcome.

    Client Feedback

    Nina Vasic AvatarNina Vasic

    George is extremely professional and helpful. I would highly recommend him for buying or selling your home. He never gave up even when we lost out on offers. He kept our hopes high, was very knowledgeable about market trends and buying strategies, and always sent us listings that were just what we were looking for. We bought our dream home thanks to George, thank you! - 3/26/2019 

    Sudhanwa Panvalkar AvatarSudhanwa Panvalkar

    Prompt, invaluable service & genuinely friendly yet professional demeanour where it mattered most is how I would rate WRX & especially George who made it happen ! I would be happy to recommend him in future! Thanks for everything George ( taking the stress out of buying)!! - 5/06/2020 

    Heather Foley AvatarHeather Foley

    Exceptional! Mario was courteous, professional and knowledgeable. He gave us great advice, from staging through negotiations, and helped us sell our house quickly. You put a lot of trust in the person selling your home - he was recommended to me, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Mario to anyone ... buying or selling. He's one of the most genuine people you'll meet and he does a great job. Greatly appreciated !! - 7/29/2019 

    Daniela Kraemer AvatarDaniela Kraemer

    WRX property group, and especially George Dmitrovic, helped us buy our first home. We can't recommend them and him enough - professional, organized, answered all our questions, offered good advice, and ultimately brokered us into our dream home. But more than that, George offered a personal touch and was fun and delightful to work with. He communicating by text and phone quickly and responsively, and laughed with us and joined our conversations when we lifted up old carpets to find crooked floors, or talked about chandeliers (not our taste) that we would want to replace. WRX property group made our... read more - 9/21/2018 

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      Online Marketing

      We strategically design our online presence to attract the right kind of prospective buyers for our clients. Through exceptional targeting for content and demographics, we consistently make full use of the online real estate market, and the wide range of benefits it has to offer those who know how to use it.

      In both the real world and online, we at WRX Property Group believes in continuous networking and prospecting. Our cultivated ties to the real estate world and local community translate into a marked increase in opportunities for our sellers.

      To summarize, WRX Property Group leaves nothing for granted; we will actively pursue every method of generating demand for your property.


      Comprehensive Market Report

      Another effective aspect of WRX Property Group’s service for sellers is our Comprehensive Market Report. Our professional real estate team will assess your property on a wide range of factors, and we will go over all of our findings with you, in detail, and at a time that’s convenient for you.

      To give you a clearer picture of what our Comprehensive Market Report entails: first, we determine an appropriate price range for your home. We look at and analyze properties that have been selling in the area of your home. We’ll discuss where your house sits in comparison to other properties in the neighbourhood.

      One of the most significant elements of the report, and one that will help you not just in the sale of this home but any future homes as well, is our analysis of both the local market surrounding your home, as well as the region overall.

      Things you will learn include ways you can increase the value of the home (for example, considering the question: ‘When are renovations worth it?’); how much did specific properties sell for throughout the region, and why they sold for that price; and what common mistakes in the selling process you should avoid (and how to avoid them).

      In short, you will learn about each of the important considerations in the process of selling your home, as well as how the overall process works. And, importantly, you will learn the ways in which you can ensure you can ultimately get the best possible sale price.


      We Will Handle All the Details and Pre-Listing Considerations

      Selling your home is a big decision and a complicated process. We endeavour to take away as much stress from you as we can; we handle things so you don’t have to worry. Namely, you won’t ever have to worry about being on call to book showings or take in offers.

      You won’t have to worry about the negotiation process, nor the various legalities and paperwork involved – we are experienced and well-informed in each of these somewhat complicated elements of the sale process. Finally, we will arrange and organize any and all conditions, disclosures, and technical details.

      Pre-Listing Home Inspection

      We arrange, and pay, for a home inspector to come to your property before it is on the market. This way, we can ensure everything about your property is documented well in advance.

      There are numerous benefits to this: buyers don’t have any unknown elements to worry about; in negotiations, buyers won’t have property-related reasons to drive the asking price down; and buyers won’t have a reason to hire their own home inspector. All of this leads to a buyer with no incentive to hesitate to put an offer on your property.

      Professional Photography

      People have always been image-driven, and this is especially true now. Property listings with captivating photos (and the exceptional ones that also have videos) always stand out. Many realtors choose to take their own pictures; some even decide it’s best to take pictures with their cell phones. But statistics show it’s incredibly worthwhile to have high quality pictures and videos with your listing.

      Today, 99% of potential home buyers begin their search online. When potential buyers are browsing properties, it usually plays out as a process of elimination. They browse through the properties online, and the visual element is usually one of the most significant factors in culling options.

      One by one they eliminate the properties that don’t seem appealing and are left with a list of homes they would like to go see in person. WRX Property Group wants to make your home stand out in every possible way – you don’t want to lose a potential buyer based on grainy photos.

      So professional photography, and a professionally-made video tour of your home, are two of the ways in which we strive to attract as many buyers as possible. The more buyers we get through your home, the sooner your home will sell for the highest possible price.

      Impeccable Customer Service

      We believe in and are fully committed to providing top-tier customer service. We always listen – by understanding your needs and expectations, we can strive to continuously surpass them. Our goal is to always listen to your needs and help you satisfy them.

      Timely, effective, and friendly customer service is the basis of our business; because we are full-time realtors, we don’t get paid unless you are fully satisfied with our services. Additionally, being full-time realtors means we are available 24/7, and always within reach. We will never pressure you into making a transaction – we don’t believe in selling you on something, but rather on mutually-beneficial transactions.

      Selling your home doesn’t need to be a stressful process, and we at WRX Property Group have the connections, determination, and expertise – as well as the emphasis on great customer service – to ensure you get the most out of selling your home.

      If you’d like to know more, please don’t hesitate to contact us– we’re always happy to help, however we can.

      To learn more about our services, and to see if we are the right fit for you, please schedule a free consultation below.

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