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Kingsdale area in Kitchener

Greetings, greetings, one and all; step right up for the latest entry in WRX Property Group’s ongoing series of articles on the neighbourhoods of Kitchener-Waterloo. Yesterday, we investigated King East in the cluster of Kitchener’s downtown neighbourhoods; today we’ll be discussing Kingsdale, a little ways southeast of the downtown core.
Let’s dive right in!
Kingsdale’s boundaries are made up of Fairway Road South in the south; Courtland Avenue East in the west; and the Conestoga Parkway (Highway 8) along the north and east. Prices for homes here tend to range between the low to mid $200 000s, up to around $700 000.
If you’re interested in finding out more about the region in general, or specific properties, please feel free to contact us – we’ll do everything we can to address any questions or concerns.

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    Kingsdale residents have access to more shopping, restaurants, and services than most other Kitchener-Waterloo residents. If variety is the spice of life, then Kingsdale is surely one of the Waterloo Region’s spiciest neighbourhoods. First and foremost among Kingsdale’s shopping locales is Fairview Park Mall.
    At over 700 000 square feet, it’s the largest mall in the Waterloo Region, and among the largest in all of Canada. Fairview Park Mall features well over 100 stores, as well as a bustling food court and a newly-opened Starbucks.
    The anchor stores in the mall are Walmart and the Bay (there was a Sears, but it’s recently been closed). Fairview Park Mall has a great mixture of stores, and the money it’s recently invested in renovating its appearance shows – it’s a nice place for some shopping and strolling.
    Plus, it’s got organic waste bins, which is impressively forward-thinking.
    Ever since Fairview Park Mall opened its doors in 1966, Fairway Road has become something of a hotspot for businesses. Indeed, dozens of shops and restaurants run along Kingsdale’s southern border, with multiple grocery stores (Food Basics and Farm Boy); big box stores (including Canadian Tire, Toys ‘R’ Us, Michaels, and Best Buy); a surprisingly large number of sub and burrito places; a mixture of fast food and dine-in restaurants (including Nando’s [one of the world’s favourite chicken brands]; Harvey’s; and Moxie’s); and so much more.
    Because there is simply so much variety here, it is often busy, but there is ample parking and there’s never too much of a wait. The Cineplex Cinemas Kitchener and VIP location on Fairway Road offers residents the latest films, as well as the option for VIP service.
    This option includes big, comfy chairs and dinner and drinks served to you as you sit back and relax.



    There are several schools within, or near to, Kingsdale’s boundaries (namely, Rockway Public School, Saint Aloysius Catholic Elementary School, Saint Mary’s Catholic High School, Sunshine Montessori School, and Wilson Avenue Public School). Students in the public board (WRDSB) who live southeast of Shelley Drive and Third Avenue will attend Wilson Avenue, a school of just under 500 students, from Kindergarten to Grade 6; for Grades 7 and 8 they will attend Sunnyside Public School just north of Highway 8, on Weber Street East.
    Students living northwest of Shelley and Third are zoned for Rockway for Kindergarten to Grade 6, and Courtland Avenue Public School for grades 7 and 8 (because Courtland is several kilometers away, bussing is available).
    For high school, all Kingsdale public students are zoned for Eastwood Collegiate Institute, also on Weber Street East. You can learn about Eastwood C.I. in the WRX article on it here. Students in the Catholic board (WCDSB) will attend Saint Aloysius for elementary school, and Saint Mary’s for high school.


    One of the nicest things for Kingsdale residents, and one of the most useful features of Fairview Park Mall, is the Grand River Transit (GRT) Fairview Park satellite terminal, which has numerous bus routes heading to locations within Kitchener and the TriCities (including express services to Conestoga College and Conestoga Mall).
    Residents can simply head over to Fairview Park Mall (near the Bay) and hop on a bus – hassle-free! Furthermore, when the LRT is operational (hopefully by mid-2018), the Fairway Station will serve as the terminus of the ION rapid transit system (until the route is extended all the way to Cambridge, several years down the line).
    Kingsdale residents will be able to take full advantage of the LRT service north through Kitchener and Waterloo (passing both Downtown Kitchener and Uptown Waterloo, among other notable stops), and ION bus-service into Cambridge.
    You can’t discuss Kingsdale without mentioning its ease of access to the Conestoga Parkway. Residents can make use of on- and off-ramps located in both the southeastern and northwestern corners of the neighbourhood (at the intersection of Fairway Road South and King Street East, and along Courtland Avenue East, respectively).
    This ease of access truly makes navigating throughout the Waterloo Region simple, speedy, and convenient. One of the best (and more unique) parts about this section of the Highway is that it’s got a confluence of multiple paths: you can take Highway 7 and 85 to the north and northeast (to Waterloo, St.
    Jacob’s, and Guelph, to name a few possible destinations); you can go further west and southeast into and beyond Kitchener, Cambridge, and the surrounding regions; and you can quickly get to Highway 401 (the Macdonald-Cartier Freeway), one of Southern Ontario’s most important highways, which connects Windsor all the way to eastern Ontario, passing cities like London, Toronto, and Kingston along the way.

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    In the heart of Kingsdale are quaint, suburban streets, with lovely lawns, sidewalks, schools, and parks. Along Kingsdale’s southern border are well over a hundred different shops, restaurants, and services, including Fairview Park Mall and numerous public transit options.
    Finally, along Kingsdale’s northern and eastern borders is the Conestoga Parkway, which connects residents to wherever it is they need to go. My point in listing this all out is this: Kingsdale provides its residents with a fabulous mixture of benefits.
    Everything you’re likely to need on a day to day basis can be found within the neighbourhood’s boundaries, but for those times when you have to travel elsewhere, you have plenty of options on how to travel there.
    Kingsdale offers convenience and variety for its residents; for these reasons, and others referenced above, it’s a wonderful place to live.
    Written by Will Kummer