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Stanley Park Area in Kitchener

Hello, and welcome to the WRX Property Group website. Today, we’ll be continuing with our series on the neighbourhoods of Kitchener-Waterloo, and looking once more on the eastern side of the Conestoga Parkway within Kitchener. Today’s neighbourhood is: Stanley Park. Stanley Park’s boundaries are made up approximately by Ottawa Street North in the north; Old Chicopee Drive in the east; Fergus Avenue in the south; and the Conestoga Parkway (sections of Highway 7 and Highway 8) in the west. So let’s dive in and find out what it’s like in Stanley Park.

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There are fewer families living here than singles or couples, but it’s a fairly balanced mix of the three types of households. The message from this is: Stanley Park can cater to the needs of any type of resident or household; its range of opportunities and available facilities and amenities make it an attractive neighbourhood to a broad range of people. While Stanley Park is a great place to raise a family, it’s truly a community of many age-ranges and types of homes. As for the homes themselves, development in the Stanley Park subdivision started in the 1960s and 70s, and most of the homes in the neighbourhood were built around that time. The quiet streets of Stanley Park are lined with tall, mature trees; many properties are landscaped and beautifully-maintained; and the ubiquitous parks within the neighbourhood (and nearby) all make for quite a green place in the spring and summer, and a beautifully colourful one in the fall. Prices for detached, single family homes start around $400 000 (undetached homes can sell for less) and climb to $900 000 or higher; most homes fall in the range of $450 000 to $650 000. If you’d like to know more about specific properties, the Stanley Park neighbourhood, or real-estate in Kitchener-Waterloo and the surrounding area, please contact WRX – we’d be happy to help.

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Two major, arterial streets stretch through the neighbourhood: River Road East and Weber Street East. These, in addition to Ottawa Street North, make it easy for Stanley Park residents to get to other parts of the city, including Downtown Kitchener; the nearby Grand River Stanley Park Community Library (part of the Kitchener Public Library network, and always a great place for social gatherings and events); and Chicopee Ski and Summer Resort (one of Kitchener-Waterloo’s oldest and fondest facilities, where there’s plenty of fun to be had, whether in snow or in sunshine). Stanley Park residents also have the privilege of being able to locally access two distinct branches of the Conestoga Parkway, from their two sets of on- and off-ramps. By accessing the Parkway from Ottawa Street North, they can follow Highway 7 north to Highway 85, Waterloo, and the areas beyond; by accessing the Parkway from King Street East, they can follow Highway 8 west into other parts of Kitchener, or south down to Cambridge and Highway 401.

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One of Stanley Park’s greatest assets is its opportunities in outdoor living. Parks, trails, and a variety of facilities make it easy for residents to get outside and enjoy the fresh air; indeed, the neighbourhood truly earns the second part of its name. Part of what makes the neighbourhood truly exceptional, though, is that it doesn’t trade convenience or access to shopping and other parts of Kitchener for its access to nature; in Stanley Park, residents can have their cake and eat it too (if ‘having cake’ means enjoying nature, and ‘eating it too’ means having nearby commercial areas). The most obvious (and perhaps the most enjoyable – though that’s subjective) natural area within Stanley Park’s boundaries is the extensive Idlewood Park, which makes up the neighbourhood’s southeast corner. This densely-forested region is great to explore, with plenty of trails, diverse sections with distinctive sights to see, and a variety of wildlife. Idlewood Park has several access points, but one of the most useful is the Dom Cardillo Trail, which runs all the way to the northeast corner of Stanley Park. This trail connects much of the neighbourhood with Idlewood Park, and it’s a great opportunity for exercise and sightseeing in its own right. Other features in the neighbourhood include Franklin Park and Midland Park, which offer baseball diamonds, playground equipment, large fields, and facilities for other sports. The massive Stanley Park Conservation Area is also accessible from the northeast of the Stanley Park neighbourhood – like Idlewood Park, its quite worth seeing. Finally, the Stanley Park Community Centre (from which the Stanley Park Community Association runs) is situated within the neighbourhood; it holds events, and provides resident services, throughout the year.

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Much of Stanley Park’s shopping needs are satisfied in its northeast corner, at the intersection of River and Ottawa: Stanley Park Mall. The mall itself has numerous smaller stores, as well as a Zehrs for groceries, a Walmart, and more. On the other side of the intersection, in the River Road Shopping Centre, residents will find multiple restaurants (including Tim Hortons, McDonald’s, and Subway), a Shoppers Drug Mart, and more. Several banks can be found here, as well. In addition to these shopping areas, Weber Street East has plenty of restaurants and shops running along Stanley Park’s southwestern border, and from here residents can quickly access even greater shopping opportunities at Fairview Park Mall, and Fairway Road.

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There are several schools within Stanley Park’s boundaries: Emmanuel Bible College, Franklin Public School, and St. Daniel Catholic Elementary School, Sunnyside Public School (both Stanley Park Public School and Crestview Public School are quite close by, too). Students in the public school board (WRDSB) will attend Franklin for Kindergarten to Grade 6, and Sunnyside for Grades 7 and 8. Franklin Public School offers French Immersion, but students interested in pursuing it for their senior elementary school years will need to attend Stanley Park, as Sunnyside does not have French Immersion. For high school, public students are zoned for nearby Eastwood Collegiate Institute, which is a few minutes north along Weber Street East, on the other side of the Conestoga Parkway. You can read all about Eastwood in its WRX article here. Students in the Catholic school board (WCDSB) will attend St. Daniel for Kindergarten to Grade 8, and St. Mary’s High School for their time in secondary school (transportation by bus is available for Stanley Park-area students attending St. Mary’s, as it is several kilometers southwest of the neighbourhood (off of Block Line Road).

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Stanley Park is an established neighbourhood with a distinctly outdoorsy vibe; however, it also has access to some of the best shopping areas in Kitchener-Waterloo, and of course, the Conestoga Parkway. So whether you’re a single looking to join an active community, or a family hoping to take advantage of local schools, Stanley Park could well be the place for you.

Written by Will Kummer

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