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Rosemount Area in Kitchener

Welcome to WRX Property Group’s ongoing journey to understand and examine the neighbourhoods of Kitchener-Waterloo! Today, we’ll be looking at another slice of eastern Kitchener, though one that’s still quite close to the downtown area. The neighbourhood in question is: Rosemount.
Rosemount’s boundaries are approximately: Victoria Street North in the north; the Stanley Park Conservation Area in the east; Ottawa Street North in the south; and the Conestoga Parkway in the west.
Rosemount is a quiet, suburban neighbourhood, but its location makes plenty of not so quiet, not so suburban areas easily accessible. Major development in Rosemount began around the 1960s, so it’s one of Kitchener’s older neighbourhoods (though certainly not its oldest).
Most of the homes here are detached, often with quite large properties and lawns, and there are quite a few single-storey homes. There is a mixture of couples, singles, and families living in the area.
Prices in the neighbourhood can be in the $200 000s (primarily for semi-detached homes), but the cost of a detached home typically ranges between the mid $300 000s to well over $1 million for particularly large properties.

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    Rosemount itself offers spacious, suburban streets that can provide a safe and cozy home. But Rosemount’s location provides three great benefits: access to downtown Kitchener; access to beautiful green areas; and access to the Conestoga Parkway.
    We’ll work through these points one at a time, but first: what’s in Rosemount itself? In the centre of Rosemount is the Krug Street plaza, a small shopping area with a Scotiabank, Pappy’s Barbershop (Pappy no longer works here), the K-W Gaming Centre (for when you’ve got the urge to play bingo), and a few other locations.
    There’s also a Rexall Pharma Plus in Rosemount (with Canada Post facilities) in the northwest corner of the neighbourhood by Frederick Street, as well as several health and wellness clinics. The most extensive local shopping area for Rosemount residents is along Victoria Street North.
    Here, Rosemount residents can find numerous restaurants (both fast food and dine in locations, as well as more distinct options such as the Arabesque Family Restaurant) and cafés, and shops of various sizes and specializations (including a Canadian Tire and David’s Gourmet, a gourmet grocery store, deli, and caterer).
    Stanley Park Mall is just southwest of Rosemount, and it has quite a few options, including a Walmart and a Zehrs for groceries. Even more shopping can be found, however, by travelling west of the Conestoga Parkway to downtown.

    Downtown Kitchener is a diverse and bustling place, where you’ll always find something exciting going on. For example, right adjacent to the Rosemount neighbourhood, on the western side of the Conestoga Parkway, is the Kitchener Memorial Auditorium.
    This huge facility, surrounded by ample parking areas, parks (including Knollwood Park), and a particularly well-maintained soccer field and baseball diamond, is one of Kitchener-Waterloo’s best spots for sports and special events. There are three skating rinks here, as well as over 70 000 square feet of space for exhibitions, meetings, and more.
    The Kitchener Rangers (Kitchener’s Ontario Hockey League [OHL] team) plays here, and the Aud hosts numerous events over the course of the year. Further west, around Kitchener’s downtown core, there are even more places to enjoy, including the historic Kitchener Market with its international cuisine, the Centre in the Square with its wide range of concerts and live performances throughout the year, and countless restaurants, cafés, and specialty shops.

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    Rosemount residents are quite fortunate when it comes to outdoor opportunities. The location of the Stanley Park Conservation Area used to serve as the eastern edge of Kitchener, but as the suburbs stretched out toward the Grand River, it’s remained as a wonderful stretch of nature between residential streets.
    Running diagonally along Rosemount’s eastern boundary, this beautiful natural area has several distinct habitats, including densely forested sections and the rippling waters of Kolb Creek, and lovely trails perfect for a stroll in any season.
    Wildlife in the area include deer, turkeys, and two of Canada’s proudest creatures: the industrious beaver and the honking, spitting, hissing Canada goose). It’s a calm and picturesque place worthy of multiple visits (particularly as the seasons change), and the playground equipment by River Road East (in Shantz Park) add to its quality as a place for families to visit and enjoy.
    A few minutes east of Stanley Park Conservation Area is the Grand River Stanley Park Community Library, a branch of the Kitchener Public Library network – another great place for Rosemount residents to take advantage of, with its extensive catalogue of books and other media, and its social events.


    Rosemount benefits immensely from being located so close to the Conestoga Parkway. There are two sets of on- and off-ramps available to residents: in the northwest of the neighbourhood, by Victoria Street North; and in the southwest of the neighbourhood, by Ottawa Street North.
    This span of the Conestoga Parkway (Highway 7) leads north to Waterloo and beyond, becoming Highway 85, and south to Highway 8, which travels far to the southeast and southwest of Kitchener, providing access to many locations (including Cambridge, and the Macdonald-Cartier Freeway [Highway 401]).
    The 401 connects Kitchener-Waterloo and the Waterloo Region to much of southern Ontario, including multiple major cities (Toronto and London, to just name two of them). Finally, Victoria Street North (Rosemount’s northern boundary) also serves as an arm of Highway 7, leading east toward Guelph.
    In terms of public transit, Rosemount residents have local access to 4 bus routes (including the iXpress 204).

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    Students in the public school board (WRDSB) will attend Smithson Public School for Kindergarten to Grade 6. This school is in the southern part of the Rosemount neighbourhood, and its doors opened in 1954. For Grades 7 and 8, Rosemount public students will attend Stanley Park Public School, which is just on the other side of the Stanley Park Conservation Area.
    French Immersion is offered here (for French Immersion for Grades 1-6, nearby options are Suddaby, Sheppard, Franklin, and Crestview Public Schools). For high school, Rosemount students are zoned for Grand River Collegiate Institute; you can read more about it in its WRX article here.
    Students in the Catholic school board (WCDSB) will attend St. Anne Catholic School (west of the Conestoga Parkway) for Kindergarten to Grade 8, and for secondary school they will attend St. Mary’s High School, which is around a ten-minute drive southwest of Rosemount (because of the distance, students are eligible for transportation by bus).


    Rosemount is a nice, mature, suburban neighbourhood, with large properties and great access to natural areas, downtown Kitchener, and the Conestoga Parkway. It’s a popular place to live for a reason: it’s got the benefits of suburbia, with the perks of urban living not too far away.
    Written by Will Kummer