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Eastbridge Neighbourhood, Waterloo

“The time has come,” WRX Property Group said, “To talk of many things.” Today, that talking topic is the Eastbridge Neighbourhood in northeast Waterloo. If you’re interested in this region in particular – read on! If you’re looking to gather information on a variety of areas to live, be sure to check out this and other articles on Kitchener-Waterloo locations within this blog.
Eastbridge is situated between Bridge Street West, Northfield Drive East, University Avenue, and Eastbridge Boulevard (with several intersecting streets to the south). Houses in this area were mostly built between the late ‘90s and the mid 2000s.

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The neighbourhood has a distinctly suburban feel, and houses include two-storeys and bungalows. The average price for houses here (as of September 2017) is $612,000. Eastbridge offers an upscale community that is more affordable than some regions of Waterloo, and you can find good homes for $100-200 thousand less than the average, and houses up to and over $1 million.



Eastbridge has two public elementary schools within its boundaries. The first is Millen Woods Public School, located in the eastern half of the neighbourhood on 640 New Hampshire Street. Millen Woods is the newest school in Waterloo, having opened in 2011, and it presently serves roughly 390 students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 6.
The second public option is Lester B. Pearson Public School, which has approximately 730 students from Kindergarten to Grade 8. Both schools offer French Immersion (Grades 1-6 and 1-8, respectively). Students from these schools will be bussed to Bluevale Collegiate Institute for secondary school (or Waterloo Collegiate Institute if they wish to continue studies in the French Immersion program).
Eastbridge also has a Catholic elementary school within its boundaries: Saint Luke Catholic School. Saint Luke serves students from Kindergarten to Grade 8, and after graduation students are zoned for St. David Catholic Secondary School.


RIM Technology Park

One of Waterloo’s most famous features can be found in the Eastbridge area: RIM (Research in Motion) Technology Park. Now officially known as BlackBerry Limited, BlackBerry is one of Canada’s top tech companies, and its sprawling headquarters takes up a large area of Eastbridge’s northern territory.
Being such a large employer, there are always a variety of job opportunities (both tech-based and otherwise) at BlackBerry. The area in the immediate vicinity of BlackBerry’s headquarters has quite a few tech- and service-based shops, as well (and a few restaurants).



Aside from the somewhat niche retail and service outlets near BlackBerry Limited, there isn’t much shopping within Eastbridge’s borders. But Conestoga Mall, and the abundant shopping opportunities it offers, is a short drive away. Eastbridge residents can easily follow Northfield Drive to the west and find just about anything they could need within a few minutes’ drive, from groceries to office supplies.
Residents can also follow Northfield Drive a little further to reach Highway 85 and the Conestoga Parkway, from which they can continue along to other areas within Kitchener-Waterloo, or St. Jacobs Market to the north.
People wanting to live quite close to all of their shopping and eating needs won’t be able to do this in Eastbridge. But while Eastbridge has a distinctly suburban feel, it is well-connected to other areas of Waterloo that aren’t.



With plenty of young families and active residents, Eastbridge offers opportunities both for people looking to live active, healthy lifestyles on their own, and for those hoping to involve themselves with the wider community. As an example of Eastbridge’s active community, this past June they hosted an Amazing Race and Canada 150 celebration, which included face painting, a pony ride, and hours of entertainment.
This was the second annual Eastbridge Amazing Race – if you’re thinking of moving to Eastbridge, you may want to start preparing for the third (it’s serious business). The Eastbridge neighbourhood association plans and holds activities throughout the year; it’s a very welcoming and fun-loving community.

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    The nearby RIM Park has everything an active person (or family) could ever want. Multiple trails and fields stretch out from Millennium Boulevard, including six large, immaculately-groomed soccer fields. Within RIM Park is the huge Manulife Financial Sportsplex and Healthy Living Centre, inside of which is everything from multiple ice rinks to two, full-size gymnasiums.
    Eastbridge is, on its own, a fantastic community for active families and individuals; the close proximity to RIM Park makes it all the better.



    Eastbridge is a good place to live if you enjoy the natural beauty Waterloo Region has to offer. There are several trails for those who like to take leisurely strolls or jogs, and parks with playgrounds and swing sets for kids.
    One of the nice walking paths within Eastbridge begins in Eastbridge Green (a sizeable green area encircled by a wide trail, which features a baseball diamond, park, and soccer field upon Waterloo Minor Soccer Club plays) and continues east to another large green area and Yarmouth Retention Pond, where you’ll find plenty of local flora and fauna.
    And if the reasonably-sized pond isn’t enough for you (or the pictures of it don’t garner enough Instagram followers), you can travel a bit further to the east and look upon the Grand River, which is truly a sight to behold in any season.
    The Walter Bean Grand River Trail runs along the eastern border of Eastbridge, and it provides a lovely walk in either direction along the Grand River.
    Millen Woods Public School in Eastbridge is aptly named: it stands right on the edge of a huge patch of woods. There are a few trails along its borders, but no proper trails run directly through it – it is very densely forested.
    This is one of those green areas that you stand outside of and remark, “My! That’s a lot of trees.” Just think of all the fresh Oxygen they’re producing!
    Going on a stroll through the Eastbridge neighbourhood is a great way to get a feel for the community and enjoy the crisp, tree-lined streets. And in an active area like Eastbridge, you’re bound to encounter a few friendly faces (people are likely already in heavy training for the third annual Eastbridge Amazing Race).


    In Conclusion

    Eastbridge on the Grand is a fairly new, reasonably-priced, and incredibly active community within Waterloo. It is situated well to take advantage both of natural vistas, and shopping opportunities in nearby areas. It has three elementary schools in its borders, and a particularly committed neighbourhood association, making it a great place to raise a family.
    If healthy, suburban living is your thing, check out Eastbridge. Please feel free to contact WRX Property Group to find out more.
    Written by Will Kummer