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About Beechwood

Are you, or someone you know, looking to move to Kitchener-Waterloo? Specifically the Waterloo part? Are you already in Waterloo and looking for a new home? Well, you’re in luck, because today, WRX Property Group is positively bursting with pride to unveil our brand-new series on Waterloo neighbourhoods.
Each day, we’ll be discussing and analyzing a specific neighbourhood within Waterloo, in a similar fashion to our series on public secondary schools in Kitchener and Waterloo. Today’s neighbourhood is: Beechwood!

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Beechwood is a beautiful, distinguished area in Waterloo, centred around Fischer-Hallman Road North and Keats way, and stretching out in each direction. Abram Wiebe, founder of Major Holdings and Developments, developed the Beechwood subdivision in Waterloo Region, and opened it in 1965.
Ever since then, the area has been well-regarded, and considered one of Ontario’s most elegant neighbourhoods (WLU News). Prices for a single-family home in this area can range from $350,000 to $1,250,000, and the average sale price for a home is $651,602.
If you’re interested, please contact WRX Property Group to find out more, including prices for specific-sized houses. Beechwood is a perfect fit for families looking to move from their starter home and plant roots in a more established neighbourhood, professionals settling in to a suburban lifestyle, and retirees keen to enjoy the comforts the neighbourhood has to offer.
Beechwood is served by the John M. Harper (HRP) branch of the Waterloo Public Library, located on Fischer-Hallman and Laurelwood Drive. It is a sleek, elegantly modern building, sure to captivate the minds of young and old alike.

Location, Location, Location

All the perks of living in Waterloo – a growing population, many job opportunities, good schools, two universities (and a college campus), excellent transportation, to name a few – are easily accessible from Beechwood. Its location is perfect, insofar as each of these things is but a short walk, bus, or car drive away.
The Zehrs at the end of Fischer-Hallman makes groceries a breeze, and it’s an easy drive to both the ever-bustling Conestoga Mall and the Wal-Mart Supercenter. The University of Waterloo is right outside of Beechwood, making it possible for students to easily commute by foot.
The presence of the university so close also opens up opportunities for social and community events: from sports and shows to guest lectures and trivia nights. And of course, there are the numerous job opportunities provided by the university: professors would surely be well-served with a home in the Beechwood neighbourhood.
Wilfrid Laurier University is quite close as well, and it offers some programs not offered by UW (including Teacher’s College).


Why Beechwood?

There are many reasons why Beechwood is so popular (and it is quite popular): it’s got great schools, beautiful trails, large properties with elegant houses, and many community offerings, from parks to soccer fields. Beechwood has great access to other regions of Waterloo, yet it is far enough away that it feels calm, safe and pleasantly suburban – it really is the best of both worlds.
A young family looking to settle down would be wise to look at Beechwood, and enjoy the community as their children go through elementary school, high school, and perhaps on to one of the three post-secondary options nearby.
Beechwood real estate is a smart investment – buyers will always be looking for homes here, because it is such an attractive, upscale region of the city.

Beechwood Schools

Beechwood has several schools within its borders, and several more a short walk or drive away. Elementary schools include Keatsway Public School (JK-Grade 6; approximately 400 students; offers a Partial French Immersion starting in Grade 1); Mary Johnston Public School (JK-Grade 6; French Immersion starting in Grade 1); Centennial Public School (Grade 7-8; approximately 400 students; offers French Immersion, and Gifted, Life Skills, and Instrumental Music classes); and Fellowship Christian School (JK-Grade 8; independent, Christian education).
Beechwood is nearly equidistant between two public secondary schools (Sir John A. Macdonald Secondary School and Waterloo Collegiate Institute – be sure to check out their blog posts if you’re interested in moving here). The nearest Catholic high school is St.

David’s Catholic Secondary School.

Beechwood has access to multiple wonderful green areas. Regency Park features open, tree-lined footpaths, as well as a baseball diamond and a soccer field. Clair Lake Park (named after former Beechwood resident Bud Clair, a conservationist) is distinctly beautiful and picturesque – you can sit on the bench facing the lake and swear that you were no longer in the city but out in cottage country, such is its tranquility.
The park runs parallel to both Fischer-Hallman and Keats Way, and it is large enough that you could walk from one end to the other and back again and say to yourself, “Clair Lake Park is certainly large.” Even if you’re not considering moving to the Beechwood area, you owe it to yourself to see the lake’s still reflection of the lush, green trees that call Clair Lake their home.


Things to Do in Beechwood

There are lots of things to see and do, both for families with children, and older people who are young at heart. Waterloo Park is nearby, and it provides a splash pad, lovely paved trails, a skatepark, beautiful Victorian gardens, a farm, and historic sites such as Waterloo’s first schoolhouse.
Beechwood has several community pools, including Upper Beechwood #1 Recreation Centre. They offer swimming lessons, parties, and a variety of activities over the course of the summer, and they have new tennis courts (tennis lessons offered as well).


Beechwood Street Names

One thing you’ll notice about Beechwood is just how refined it is. Are you fond of literature? More specifically, British literature? Well, Beechwood has got you covered. Street names within the neighbourhood include Keats Way (named after John “Nightingale” Keats), Coleridge Place (sharing a name with one of Keats’ contemporaries, the albatross-necklace-wearing Samuel Taylor Coleridge), and of course Shakespeare Drive (named after Big Willie himself).
It’s even got a Churchill Street (named after everybody’s favourite cigar-smoking British Prime Minister, for those who like their politicians literate and their literature political).

In Conclusion

Beechwood is not the most affordable area in Waterloo, but for those looking to invest in a higher-priced home, it is a fine choice. Luxurious and boundlessly liveable, Beechwood is one of Waterloo’s finest neighbourhoods. Get in touch with WRX Property Group if you want to know more – we’re always ready to help!
Written by Will Kummer