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Why It’s Great to Have a Home with a View

Greetings, and welcome to the WRX Property Group website and blog! Today, we’ll be turning our eyes to a more subjective aspect of home ownership and the broader real estate world, and contemplating a simple idea: why it’s great to have a home with a view.
So get comfortable, clear your mind of the worries that come with finding or selling a home, and get ready to explore the benefits of a home with a view.
To start off, let’s look at it from a pragmatic perspective. Whether you’re selling or buying a home, you’re participating in the local real estate market. The home you’re buying, or the home you’re selling, represents your stake in this market, and naturally, you want that stake to have the most value.
Things that add value to a home include the home itself (its size, its style, its condition, etc.), and its location (the neighbourhood, shops and attractions nearby, local schools, access to roadways and public transit, and so on).
A good view is a sort of inherent property value that you can count on well into the future. Public transit routes change, stores close, home styles go in and out of style, and different sizes of homes increase or decrease in demand.
But a good view? A good view is timeless, and always in demand. So when you’re looking to buy a home, favouring those that have a good view is a wise decision; when you’re looking to sell a home, highlighting a good view is also wise.
Let’s explore the buyer’s perspective more fully (don’t worry; we’ll dive into the seller’s perspective afterwards).

See Homes with a View in Kitchener-Waterloo

Buying a Home with a View

Yes, homes with distinctive or attractive views will cost more than comparable houses without a distinctive or attractive view. But there are quite a few things to consider before ruling out a home because you’d prefer to save a little up front, or purchase a larger home in a more generic location.
First of all, you can consider it as an investment. One thing that you can always count on is that a good view will always be a selling point for prospective buyers down the line, when the time comes that you’re ready to sell.
A ‘view’ is a major asset to any property, and it’s one that doesn’t necessarily require much upkeep on your part (the Grand River is grand enough on its own, and it’s not likely to dry up or stop flowing any time soon).
The next thing to consider is quality of life. There are few better ways to wake up than next to a beautiful view – so why save that experience for when you’re away on vacation?
If you live next to an area that you love, then you can savour every morning spent enjoying a coffee and gazing out the window; and you can enjoy every evening spent with good friends on the porch, overlooking some stunning vista.
Homes with a view cost more not just because they retain higher resale value, but also because they add to your quality of life.


Selling a Home with a View

When you’re selling your home, everything matters. The importance of properly staging a home cannot be overstated, and by putting time and care into presenting your home – or employing someone you trust to cast your home in the best possible light – you can ensure not only the best price, but also a speedy sale.
If you invested in a home with a good view, then this is the time to really let it shine. Prospective buyers will be looking at everything. By directing prospective buyers’ attention to the view your home provides, you can really make your property stand out.
Buyers will typically visit multiple homes before making an offer, so by highlighting a particularly beautiful or unique view, you can make your property stand out from the pack. This, in turn, can help you in several ways: you can potentially receive multiple offers; you can ask for a higher price to start with; and you can potentially sell in a shorter amount of time.
Ways to highlight a great view are by featuring large, open windows; staging any outside areas that provide a view (balconies, porches, and front or back lawns); and even mentioning the view in the property listing (for example, if your home overlooks a park, or the Grand River, include this in the listing!).

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    What Qualifies as a ‘Home with a View’?

    This, of course, depends on whom you ask. Different people prioritize different things. But what are some common features that people prioritize when it comes to the view? Parks are a major selling point, particularly for families.
    Not only do the trees and trails look nice, but they’re also fantastic places to spend time. Some people, however, prefer the bustling energy of the city to the calmer serenity of natural vistas, and for those people, a ‘home with a view’ would ideally be in an urban centre within the city.
    Uptown Waterloo is a fine example of this: many of its streets are at once ornately decorated and charged with a palpable sense of purpose and opportunity. Homes and condominiums around the Uptown area offer great views for anyone eager to be plugged into the beating heart of a working city; homes and condos in the nearby university area can offer views of the campuses, with students and faculty shuffling between classrooms.
    Historic neighbourhoods can qualify as offering great views, too, as well as distinctive sites like Joseph Schneider Haus in the Victoria Park neighbourhood. Moving back to the greener side of things, it’s not just planned parks that can be appealing to homeowners and prospective homeowners.
    Natural sites can be incredibly attractive, and they will almost always increase a property’s value. One of the most notable natural attractions in Kitchener-Waterloo is, of course, the Grand River. We’ll delve into the Grand River – and waterfront homes in general – in tomorrow’s article, but for now, let it simply be stated that homes bordering this mighty river offer some of the most beautiful views in the entire region.
    The neighbourhood of Bridgeport North, for example, has homes with incredible views, as well as a wide range of homes that don’t quite border the river but are mere minutes away.



    A home with a view is great in the short term (for your own personal enjoyment), and it’s great in the long term (for its positive effects on the selling process). We at WRX Property Group love a good view just as much as anybody, and we’d be happy to help you find the perfect home with the perfect view for you, or to help you in the sale process.
    Please contact us if you’d like to know more!
    Written by Will Kummer