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Best Fence Install Experts in Kitchener Waterloo – WRX Top 5

What Should You Know Before Installing a Fence?

There are a number of things to take into account when setting out to install a fence. First things first: what are you installing a fence for? It could be for practical reasons such as keeping pets in the yard, or just to delineate your property.
However, it could also be for aesthetic purposes and made to outline your beautiful garden that you’ve been working on for so long. It could also be to block noise or other disturbances while also adding some privacy.
Realistically, for most people, it usually is for a mix of different reasons. A properly setup fence brings a lot to your property while also having a lot of practical applications.

With that in mind, you should then take a look at what kind of fence you want. Wooden and vinyl fences are the go-to’s in most cases, however chainlink fences can be an option if you are looking for something strictly utilitarian.
In terms of noise and privacy concerns, tall solid fences are usually the best bet. For wooden fences of all kinds, you should keep in mind that there is a maintenance component associated. More specifically, wooden fences will occasionally need some amount of staining, sealing, or repair due to constant exposure to the elements.
If you are looking for something that requires minimal amounts of maintenance, vinyl might be a good option to look into. Other options available also include wrought iron, aluminum, steel, or even bamboo if you’re feeling adventurous.

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Once you’ve decided on a few fence variants that fit your needs, you should make sure that your fencing plans meet local regulations. Generally speaking, fence installation is governed by by-laws either through the city or even through the local community or neighbourhood association.
Because of this, it’s always recommended to do some research to make sure you won’t have to go back and make expensive modifications. For Kitchener and Waterloo specifically, you do not require a building permit to install a fence.
However, you do need to make sure your installed fence meets a brief set of criteria. A few things to clarify, electric fences and barbed wire fences are strictly prohibited in the region on residential properties.
Typically, electric fences are allowed on agricultural properties and only if they are used for the purpose of keeping livestock in. Barbed wire fences are allowed on agricultural, commercial, and industrial properties, however they need to meet certain criteria as well.
On agricultural properties, it can only be used for the purpose of containing livestock. On commercial and industrial properties, it is allowed provided that it is at the top of the fence and facing inward.
That being said, I’m sure most of us don’t need to go around installing electric and barbed wire fences in our backyards. Therefore, we can just stick to meeting the regular bylaw requirements for ordinary fences.
You can find the full list of information in the City of Kitchener Fence Installation Brochure and on the City of Waterloo’s Page about Fence Regulations. Do be sure to consult these pages before setting off to install a fence, especially if you are taking the DIY route and installing it by yourself.

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Last but not least, if you are building a party fence that divides your property from your neighbour’s right across the legal property line, you should thoroughly discuss it with your neighbour beforehand. Do be aware that this situation is a lot more complex than simply putting a bylaw-compliant fence somewhere on your property so your best bet would be to consult the city on the matter after discussing it with your neighbour.
Once you’ve figured out all of the above, you can start shopping around for the best fencing contractor to get the job done. To make your search easier, we’ve put together a list of the best fence installation experts servicing Kitchener-Waterloo.
It’s worth noting that this list isn’t a countdown from “First Place” to “Last Place”, but rather a list of highlights from a few great professionals we’ve seen out there. Let’s begin!


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Mr. Good Fence Repair

Mr Good Fence Repair has been founded by Steve Good over 10 years ago, and has been skillfully serving customers in Kitchener-Waterloo ever since. Mr. Good specializes in repair and installation of all kinds of fences including, wood, chainlink, commercial chainlink, tennis and baseball court enclosures, and more.
Throughout his years of experience, Mr Good himself has personally set over 80,000 fence posts and the count keeps going.
You can read more about Mr. Good Fence Repair on their website:
Or you can contact them directly:


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Premier Fencing

Premier Fencing has been in the business for a staggering 90 years, having established themselves as a reputable company in the Kitchener-Waterloo area as well as the rest of Southern Ontario. They are skilled fence and deck contractors, having experience on both commercial and residential fronts.
You can read more about Premier Fencing on their website:
Or you can contact them directly:


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Jay Fencing Ltd.

Jay Fencing prides itself with top notch customer service, exceptional quality of workmanship, as well as a great selection of quality materials and products used. They always take the time to fully understand your needs and plan out the best solution to meet your budget.
Their goal is to provide the perfect result every time and they are here to help you out.
You can read more about Jay Fencing Ltd. on their website:
Or you can contact them directly:
519-747-3970 (Head Office in Kitchener-Waterloo)
519-821-4613 (Guelph Office)
519-421-9921 (Woodstock Office)


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Blue Sky Fence

Blue Sky Fence is ready to tackle any project big or small. They have been in the business for over 20 years and have experience working with residential as well as commercial fencing. Whether you need a beautiful fence set up around your home, or if you need an extra secure perimeter around a commercial property, Blue Sky Fence is at your service.
You can read more about Blue Sky Fence on their website:
Or you can contact them directly:
(519) 589-4774 (Kitchener-Waterloo Office)
(519) 652-1224 (London Office)
(via contact form)


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Star Fencing

Star Fencing is a full service team of fence experts, specializing in residential as well as commercial fencing projects. Their friendly and knowledgeable staff ar ready to help you step by step through every part of the process.
They make sure you are satisfied all the way, starting from the planning, going to logistics, and all the way through implementation.
You can read more about Star Fencing on their website:
Or you can contact them directly:

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