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Best Estate Lawyers Servicing Kitchener-Waterloo – WRX Top 5

What do Estate Lawyers Do?

Estate law can be quite a fascinating field because it has to touch upon other areas of practice such as family law or tax law. When handling a lifetime’s worth of assets, it is important to know the details and complexities of family law as different family members might be involved in the estate as well.
Similarly, when it comes time to pay taxes, an estate lawyer will have to have a fine eye for the ideal tax solution, especially when it comes to large estates.

One of the first things you might have to consider is if you need to set up an estate or a trust. There are advantages to each type of arrangement and the estate lawyer will be able to make the best recommendation to suit the client’s needs.
In addition to this, you should consider the maintenance aspect of your will as well. Things can change over time, and some estate lawyers offer a service of following up and checking in to make sure there is no need to modify or update information.
This is one of the best ways to ensure that their clients’ interests are properly satisfied.

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When shopping around for an estate lawyer, one of the best things to do is to look at their experience in the field. Are they well established and recognized in their community? At the same time, you should also keep in mind how you feel about the person as well.
Estate law deals with a number of personal details about one’s life. Therefore, it’s always best to work with someone that you feel you have a connection with and can fully trust, otherwise the process may become tedious.
Regarding specialization, you can find firms that provide an array of different services with estate planning included among them, or you can find firms that specialize more heavily on just estate planning. Both types of firms will be able to do the job, however if your needs are more complex, you may need to work with a firm that has a primary focus on estate law.

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Our list will go over both the firms that specialize as well as those with a more varied selection of services. It’s also worth mentioning that this list is not a countdown from “First Place” to “Fifth Place”, but rather just a selection of a few great professionals we’ve seen out there, featuring a few highlights from each.
Let’s begin!


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O’Sullivan Estate Lawyers L.L.P.

Areas of Expertise:
Estate Planning
Trust and Estate Administration
Estate Dispute Resolution Representation
O’Sullivan are a full-service team of estate planning specialists that are ready to meet your needs. Their philosophy focuses on the client. In order to devise the best solutions for you, they make sure to understand your situation and your goals.
They take the time to get to know you and pay attention to the details so that you can be confident in the end result.
You can read more about O’Sullivan Estate Lawyers on their website:
Or you can contact them directly:
via contact form:


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Hull & Hull L.L.P.

Areas of Expertise:
Estate Litigation
Guardianships and Capacity Disputes
Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution
Trustee and Executor Disputes
Estate Planning
Variations of Trusts
Hull & Hull’s history dates back as far as 50 years, having handled some of the most complex and difficult estate cases in Canada. Co-founder Rodney Hull was one of the first lawyers in Canada to specialize in estate and trust law.
He went on to build the prestigious Hull & Hull company along with his son, Ian Hull.
Their firm boasts an extensive track record of court experience, a deep and thorough knowledge base of Canadian estate law, as well as a roster of professionals like no other, including a former Chief Justice of Ontario and a Queen’s law professor.
You can read more about Hull & Hull on their website:
Or you can contact them directly:
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Sherman Law L.L.P.

Areas of Expertise:
Family Law
Real Estate and Mortgages
Commercial Real Estate
Commercial Leasing and Property Management
Small Business and Corporate Law
Estate Planning
Estate Administration
Sherman Law L.L.P. has been serving the Kitchener-Waterloo area for 35 years, specializing in an array of services ranging from family law and estate planning to real estate and small business law. Their team focuses on delivering the best outcome for their clients at the best possible rates.
You can read more about Sherman Law L.L.P. on their website:
Or you can contact them directly:


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Lannan Law Office

Areas of Expertise:
Wills and Estates
Custody and Access
Child Support
Spousal Support
Michael Lannan is an experienced professional specializing in estate law as well as a range of areas in family law. His practice is founded on heavy experience in all levels of Court and tribunals including the Court of Justice, the Superior Court of Justice, Divisional Court and also the Court of Appeal of Ontario.
He is a graduate of Humber College and Wilfrid Laurier University, having studied business and geography respectively, as well as University of Windsor for law. He has extensive training in mediation from the University of Toronto as well as Ohio State University.
You can read more about Michael Lannan on his website:
Or you can contact him directly:

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Sorbara Law

Areas of Expertise:
Corporate and Commercial Law
Family Law
Mediation and Collaborative Law
Municipal, Land Use, and Development Law
Tax Law Services
Wills, Estates, Trusts, and Elder Law Services
Banking and Financial Sector Services
Real Estate Law Services
Labour and Employment Law
Litigation Services
Business Immigration
Sorbara law brings to the table experience in estate law as well as a wide range of services for both individuals and businesses. Their expansive roster allows them to tackle any challenge, making sure that no matter the situation, you will have a specialist that can help you out.
You can read more about Sorbara Law on their website:
Or you can contact them directly:
via directory:

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