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Best Cafés in Kitchener – WRX Top 5

Best Cafés in Kitchener

Greetings! What time is it, you ask? Why, it’s time for another one of WRX Property Group’s world-renowned Top 5 Lists! I know, it’s hard to believe, but it’s true. And now, with no further ado, let’s do what we set out to do and get to the list itself.
The subject for today is: the Top 5 Cafés in Kitchener.

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5. Berlin Bicycle Café

As you may know, Kitchener was actually called Berlin for many decades, until it changed names during World War I. Kitchener’s original name is kept alive in this wonderful café; but what really makes the Berlin Bicycle Café special and unique is its love of bicycles.
They believe that biking is more than just a leisure activity: it can be a reliable mode of transportation, and some might even say it can be a way of life. So if you’re ever biking through Belmont Village (in northern Kitchener, near Grand River Hospital), come have a bite to eat and a nice cup of coffee with some likeminded bicycle enthusiasts!
You can even purchase a variety of fancy bicycles and bicycle accessories while you’re here (and in case of an emergency, there’s a bicycle repair shop on-site). Check it out!


4. Adventurers Guild Café

Since you’re reading this list, I have to assume that you’re fond of cafés (though perhaps you really are just here for the articles), but are you fond of board games? If the answer is yes, then the Adventurers Guild Café is the place for you.
For $5, you can access their enormous library of games for the whole day (and it really is an enormous library; check it out here [the list starts about a quarter of the way down the page]).
They’ve got lots of food and drinks to choose from, too, including craft beers from the region, quirkily-named paninis, and all of your favourite caffeinated beverages. Come for the games, stay for the tasty food and drinks (or perhaps the other way around?).

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3. Queen Street Commons

If you’re ever strolling through the bustling streets of downtown Kitchener, it’d be a good idea to make your way to the intersection of Queen Street South and Charles Street West. What you’ll find there is the Queen Street Commons, a café that is open and available to everyone.
It’s got extremely low prices, but not at the expense of quality: you’ll find delicious food and drinks here, as well as a cozy, welcoming environment in which to enjoy them. Affordable food, friendly staff, and a great location: what more is there to say?
Oh, yes: there are public events held here throughout the year; have a look and see if there’s anything you’d be interested in here.


2. Café Pyrus

Located right in the heart of downtown Kitchener, Café Pyrus is a true Kitchener gem. The food here is delicious, and they offer vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free fare, with many memorable names: are you keen to try an Angry Vegan?
How about a Spinachtacular, or a Grilled Cheesmo? The drinks are delicious, as well, with a wide variety of loose leaf teas, specialty drinks (like the invigorating Chai Shake), and roasted coffees to choose from.
Café Pyrus sources its coffee from Reunion Island Coffee, a certified, Fair Trade, sustainability-minded coffee company based in Toronto, so you know it’ll be both good and ethically-sound. Café Pyrus: it’s hip, it’s vegan, and it’s organic.
If any one of these words resonates with you, you should come check it out. If all three of these words resonate with you, well, you may have just found your new favourite café. You’re welcome!
WRX Property Group: uniting people with cafés (and homes), in Kitchener-Waterloo and beyond.

Honourable Mention

Kitchener is somewhat of a university town, and it’s also one of Canada’s greatest, most productive tech hubs. It’s truly a working city, and all that work needs to be fuelled by something. We’ve unveiled a possible Top 5 Kitchener Cafés, but the truth is, Kitchener has an abundance of cafés to choose from, and part of the fun is finding which ones suit you the best.
Hopefully you’ll find some of these cafés to your liking, but if not, don’t worry: there are more out there (including, of course, the major chains like Starbucks, Tim Hortons, and Williams, which have locations all over the city).
So Honourable Mention goes to: all the cool Kitchener cafés that had to be cut. With that said, let’s move on to the Number 1 Café!


1. City Café Bakery

City Café Bakery has delicious prepared food (wood fire pizza!), incredible baked goods, and tasty blends of Fair Trade Coffee. So far, so good. But what makes City Café Bakery special, beyond their high quality products?
Well, for one thing, they operate on a unique Honour System when it comes to paying. Beside the bakery areas are ‘Pay-Here’ terminals (they come from actual retired trolleys), in which you’ll simply deposit the correct amount of cash.
Of course, the staff is happy to make change for you (if you don’t have correct change), but to make things easier, they round all the prices to the nearest quarter. City Café Bakery: trusting their customers’ integrity and doing their part to encourage quick maths.
Every day, City Café has a two hour window (3:30 to 5:30 pm) in which you can come in and purchase fresh, exquisite, wood-fried pizza to go, and they serve lunch between 11:30 am and 2:00 pm on weekdays (12:00 – 2:00 pm on weekends).
And I’ll say it again: their baked goods are incredible. They even have their own Kitchener-Waterluvian twist on Montreal-style bagels (if you’ve never tried a Montreal-style bagel, you really must – they’re denser than normal, slightly sweet, and as life-changing as a bagel has any right to be).
Plus, they have three locations spread across Kitchener, so they must be doing something right! Two locations are on the outskirts of downtown, one on Victoria Street South and the other on Ottawa Street North, and the third is in northwest Kitchener, on Lancaster Street West (right between the Conestoga Parkway and the Grand River).
Check out their website here.
Written by Will Kummer

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