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Best Activities for Kids in Kitchener – WRX Top 5

Top 5 Best Kids’ Activities in Kitchener

Another week, another WRX Property Group Top 5 – today, let’s take a look at the best activities for kids in Kitchener! Before we get started in earnest, though, note that we’ll be focussing on kids’ activities other than those we’ve mentioned in past lists. The Top 5 Parks in Kitchener and the Top 5 Museums in Kitchener-Waterloo in particular could have some major overlap with this list (everybody needs to go and see the Doon Heritage Village), but for the sake of providing a fuller picture of what’s available in Kitchener, we’ve sought out new places to highlight and bring attention to. So, without further ado: the Top 5 Best Kids’ Activities in Kitchener!


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5. Brunswick Zone Frederick Lanes

There’s not much to elaborate on here: this is simply one of the finest bowling alleys in the Waterloo Region. It’s kid-friendly, perfect for kids’ parties, and has friendly, helpful staff. Brunswick Zone is located at 385 Frederick Street, just east of Downtown Kitchener (and very close to the Conestoga Parkway [Highway 7]).

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4. Breithaupt Park and Breithaupt Centre

Truthfully, you could slot in any of Kitchener’s plentiful, wonderful parks on this list, but for the sake of consistency, we’ll bestow the honour upon Breithaupt Park specifically (this time around). And if you’re interested in finding out some more parks to visit – with or without kids – be sure to check out our article on the Top 5 Parks in Kitchener. All that said, Breithaupt Park has quite a lot to offer: it’s a top-notch park indeed. Located in northern Kitchener, Breithaupt Park lies right next to the border with Waterloo (near the intersection of Erb Street East and Margaret Avenue). To start with one of the more practical benefits of Breithaupt Park: it’s located right off of the Conestoga Parkway (Highway 85). This makes getting to and from the park quick and easy. But that’s not the type of feature that makes kids excited. The Splash Pad at Breithaupt Park, on the other hand, is enough to fill any child’s heart with joy. Other excellent features at the park include three baseball diamonds, a surprisingly large and densely wooded area (considering the park is more or less surrounded by residential zones) with a lovely trail, and the Breithaupt Centre. What’s in the Breithaupt Centre, you ask? Why, it includes everything from a solarium to a gymnasium, with a warm water pool and a 25-yard pool, as well as additional rooms that can be used to host events. Particularly during the summer, kids can participate in drop-in gym programs, take swimming lessons, and much more. There’s even a snack bar! So, to reiterate: Breithaupt Park is a placeholder on this list for all Kitchener parks in terms of their value for kids, but it is a park worth visiting on its own merits.

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3. Sky Zone

Ever since the dawn of man, mankind (humankind?) has yearned for one thing: to fly. Well, in truth we yearn for many things, but flying is up there. But until we grow wings, or find a way to make the infamous ‘Rocket Belts’ of the ‘50s and ‘60s work reliably, we’ve got one wonderful substitute: jumping. And in the case of Sky Zone, jumping really high. Sky Zone is a large, indoor trampoline park, which is pretty cool in and of itself. But what really elevates Sky Zone and makes it such a great place to bring kids is its wide variety of ’Attractions,’ or special, themed events. SkyJoust equips participants with padded ‘lances;’ friends can face off in a battle of balance and boldness. Ultimate Dodgeball is fun enough for kids on the ground; throw in some trampolines and the fun level truly soars. Toddler Time is perfect for parents who want to spend some quality jumping time with their younger children, without having to worry about older kids careening through the air. Sky Zone Kitchener is located in the southeast corner of the city, in the Sportsworld Crossing area. It’s quite close to on- and off-ramps from both Highway 401 and Highway 8 (part of the Conestoga Parkway), meaning it’s quite easy to get here by car. There’s also a nearby transit hub for those travelling by bus. Find out more at the Sky Zone Kitchener website here.

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2. Bingemans Big Splash and Bingemans Funworx

Bingemans made our list for two reasons: it is incredibly fun, and it has an incredible amount of variety. When we say Bingemans, we’re referring to two semi-distinct places: Bingemans Big Splash, and Bingemans Funworx. Big Splash is a massive water park, with all the staples: a wave pool (the first, and the largest, in the Waterloo Region), a wide variety of waterslides (both open and enclosed), a ‘Spray ‘n’ Play’ area perfect for younger kids, and a few ‘dry’ activities like Mini Golf. Funworx, on the other hand, is a massive indoor playland spread out over 25,000 square feet of space, making it the largest in the Waterloo Region, as well. It, too, has numerous different areas that are both fun and good exercise (including a three-level play structure and a rock climbing area). There’s simply too much to list everything; it’s got so many fun-filled activities that it’s nearly impossible to be bored at Bingemans. In terms of price, there are several ways to save (including monthly and yearly passes, if you intend to go frequently). The best way is to navigate their website and see what works best for you; check them out here: Big Splash and Funworx. You can find everything listed here and more at 425 Bingemans Centre Drive, in northeast Kitchener (close to on- and off-ramps from the Conestoga Parkway).

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1. Chicopee Tube Park

Now, of course, the Chicopee that usually comes to mind is Chicopee Ski and Summer Resort. And it’s a wonderful place for adults and children alike. In the winter, it has multi-day camps (for preschool-aged kids, Primary-aged kids, and Junior/Tweens) with enthusiastic staff and fun in the snow (particularly skiing and snowboarding). It also has a range of Summer Camps (including week-long options and single days). In both the Winter Season and the Green Season, there’s plenty to do at Chicopee Ski and Summer Resort. But that’s enough about that; today we’ll be highlighting Chicopee Tube Park (Chicopee Ski and Summer Resort will surely get its own, individual feature on a future list).
Chicopee Tube Park is a fantastic spot for kids, and a perfect place for any tubing-enthusiasts. But what type of tubing goes on at Chicopee Tube Park? When most people think of tubing (if they even think of tubing at all), they will think of either a winter activity (swirling down a hill in an inner tube) or a water activity (bobbing around in a pool or lake). And although Chicopee Tube Park does offer Winter Tubing when there’s snow, they also offer summer tubing on dry land. ‘Impossible!’ Some sceptics may proclaim. But it is possible, and it’s glorious. Using the state-of-the-art Neveplast product known as ‘Tubby,’ tubers will soar down either a curved or a straight chute on a tall, green slope (provided they’re older than 4, and at least 42 inches tall). Tubing (whether in winter or summer) is an incredible enough experience on its own, but there’s more! During the summer, Chicopee Tube Park also features a zip line, Eurobungy, a horizontal ropes course, and more. But summer tubing is arguably the best of the bunch. If you’re not excited enough already, I’ll leave off with a quote from Neveplast’s website: “With TUBBY’s innovative and complete system moments of pure pleasure are guaranteed either alone or with friends.” Well, sign me up! Chicopee Tube Park is located at 1600 River Road East, in the Chicopee/Centreville neighbourhood of eastern Kitchener (just south of the larger Chicopee Ski and Summer Resort). Check out its website here.
Written by Will Kummer
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