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Three-Bedroom Homes: Everything You Need to Know

Greetings! Welcome to WRX Property Group’s website and blog. We’re aiming to cover everything there is to know about buying or selling a home in Kitchener-Waterloo, Cambridge, and Guelph, and this week we’ll be looking at the different sizes and layouts available for 2-bedroom, 3-bedroom, and 4-bedroom homes – and who might benefit from each size.
Today, we’ll be focussing on three-bedroom homes.
Three-bedroom homes, in a word, are versatile. They can meet the needs of many homeowners with disparate needs, and they’re perfect for a wide spectrum of buyers. Indeed, three-bedroom homes have two major selling points beyond their actual use as living space: they are reputed to be the easiest home format to rent out (if you’re going the investment route), and they are considered the ideal size when it comes to resale.
This is in a large part because of three-bedroom homes’ versatility; families of various sizes (and owners with roommates) can thrive in a three-bedroom home, and even renters/owners who don’t need each room on a regular basis can benefit from having office space, a spare bedroom, and more.
If you’re intending to purchase a home as an investment property, a three-bedroom home is one of your best bets. They allow for potentially large revenue streams of rental income (several possible tenants simultaneously) all in one property, and there is a constant demand for three-property homes (particularly in growing regions like Kitchener-Waterloo-Cambridge and Guelph).
Let’s take a look at some popular layouts for three-bedroom homes.

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You can find examples of three-bedroom homes in just about every category of property: bungalows (and variations on the bungalow like bungalofts), two-storey, backsplit, townhouse, and beyond (check out our article on Common Types of Homes if you want to clarify any of the terms).
For the most part, three-bedroom homes feature two bathrooms (or two full bathrooms with one en-suite attached to the master bedroom); this is one of the most popular models. Three-bedroom homes usually have one Master bedroom, which is larger than the others (and sometimes located separately).
Many owners of three-bedroom homes end up using each bedroom as a bedroom; this is true of families, owners with housemates, and even owners who rent out each room to tenants. But that is not the only use of the extra bedrooms, and even people who don’t need the extra bedrooms to serve as bedrooms can benefit from them.
Three-bedroom homes enable owners to compartmentalize their lives. One of the bedrooms can serve as an office; one can serve as an exercise room. Having one room set aside as a guest bedroom is a perennial favourite, and the benefit of this setup is the room can still serve a dual purpose as storage and/or anything else you can think of, particularly if you’re not expecting to have guests all that frequently.
Some three-bedroom homes have extra perks like second kitchens in the basements (known as a kitchenette), and this serves to make the property even more attractive to renters, large families, and people who love cooking and/or baking.
Three-bedroom homes have enough living space on the main floor (or, in the case of 1.5/two-storey homes, on the upper levels) that you can really get creative with what you use your basement for. Having a large area set aside as a gym, converting a basement room into a workshop or a recording studio, setting it aside as a rental area – you have plenty of options.

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    Of course, families are often come to mind when it comes to a three-bedroom home. Three-bedroom homes form that happy medium where they’re great for both growing and established families. Three-bedroom homes are perfect for a scenario with two kids, each with a room of their own, and a master bedroom for the parent(s)/guardian(s).
    Many parents with more than two children split them up by gender, with each extra room being shared. With this method, three-bedroom homes can comfortably fit families of five. It’s not impossible for families to even push this number higher, but once a family climbs to over five, they usually would benefit from looking for reasonable options with four or more bedrooms.
    Three-bedroom homes are a great investment for people expecting or planning for children in the future. They can get settled in and live in the home as their family grows, and ultimately move to a bigger home down the line; or they can choose to stay indefinitely.
    We’ll say it again: three-bedroom homes are versatile.
    It’s not just families who benefit from three-bedroom homes. They’re also great for individuals or couples who are looking to live in the home with housemates. Three-bedroom homes are large enough that residents have space of their own, and they can comfortably fit.
    As mentioned earlier, owners of three-bedroom homes can really push their home’s potential by renovating their basement (or if there’s a second storey, the second store) to accommodate more people, more comfortably. A kitchen in the basement, along with an extra bathroom, can enable owners of three-bedroom homes to live independently on the main floor by themselves, while renting out the basement as an entirely separate apartment.
    This is really the best of both worlds: owners have plenty of private space on the main floor, with three-bedrooms worth of space in addition to living room, kitchen, and storage areas (along with potentially two bathrooms), but they can also reap the rewards of rental income (without some of the adjustments to sharing space with housemates).



    We’ll say it one last time: three-bedroom homes are versatile, and this versatility is a large factor in why they’re so popular. They make a good first home, while also being large enough to really grow into.
    They’re perfect for families, and they have enormous potential as investment properties (both for their ability to house multiple renters, and for the consistent demand – resale should never be an issue). If you’re in the market for a three-bedroom home, then WRX Property Group would be happy to answer any questions you have, or to join you on your journey for the perfect home.
    Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you’d like to know more!
    Written by Will Kummer